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Drive changes, inspire breakthroughs, and get rewarded for having a say. More than 300,000 people across Indonesia have voiced their opinions on Populix.

Why should I join as Populix's respondent?
Your voice can bring positive impacts

Voice your opinions through our available studies and polls. Your voice will be meaningful for any stakeholders to realize innovations and make better decisions.

Many exciting rewards await you

Every voice will be appreciated and rewarded interestingly. The more active you are, the greater your chances to get more rewards.

Free time will be more fun

Your free time will be more meaningful and exciting with various rewarding activities on Populix. You can be productive and bring impacts just through your phone screen.

How to join as Populix's respondents?
Download the Populix app

Download Populix's app on Google Play Store or Apple App Store! Sign up and follow the steps to register your account until it gets verified.

Voice your opinion

Voice your opinion through the available studies and polls. Every study at Populix has different respondent criteria, from gender, age, domicile, etc. You will only receive studies that match your profile criteria.

Get rewards

Enjoy exciting rewards from every study you participated in. You can also withdraw the rewards to your bank or e-wallet accounts.

Be a game changer!
What they said about Populix
See testimonies from some respondents who have been helping Populix drives innovations and changes!

"The survey is so simple, and the app is light, so it doesn't take such a long time to load if we want to move to other questions. The rewards are tempting and giving you extra money for snacking!"

Muhammad Rifan

"Populix is a very nice app to find extra money. The navigation system is easy. It's enjoyable to be Populix's respondent!"

Bayu Pratama

"It's still unbelievable that Populix will give us rewards that are worth my free time. I can't wait to complete another study!"

Dewa Agung

"Populix is helpful for me to find extra money while taking care of my children at home. My voice matters and the rewards are good!"

Nur Anggraeni

"Populix's studies are fascinating. The cash withdrawal process is easy and can be done through an e-wallet. All the best to Populix!"

Fenita Rahayu
Need More Information?
How do I create an account and register as Populix’s respondent?
You only need to download the Populix app from PlayStore or AppStore. Then, sign up with your email or Facebook. Follow the steps to complete your data accordingly. Read more on the complete instructions to sign up here.
Does Populix protect my personal data and information?
Populix is committed to maintaining and protecting the security of each of our respondents. We also strive to comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding data protection and privacy.
My rewards have not been credited to my bank or e-wallet account. What should I do?
If you receive an email notifying you that 'Rewards Withdrawal Successful', it means that the Populix team has successfully transferred the balance to your account. However, if you receive the email but the reward has yet to be credited to your bank or e-wallet account, please wait no later than 3x24 working hours. Ensure that the account number you entered is correct, and check your account mutations periodically. Furthermore, you can contact the bank or e-wallet service since errors might also occur in their system.