What will you get?
Targeted Respondents

Choose the respondent's demography & specific criteria based on your survey needs.

Reliable Data

Get accurate feedback from our quality pool of respondents.

Faster Results

With more than 300,000 respondents, your survey will be relatively faster.

Right Investment

Make decision more accurately with direct feedback from targeted respondents.

How Poplite Works:
Access Poplite dashboard

Creating a Poplite account and start creatiing surveys based on your needs.

Set up survey in minutes

Choose available templates or build your own survey either in single choice answer, multiple choice answer, or short answer format.

Determine your target respondents

Specify the criteria and number of respondents you need.

Launch survey

Pay and launch your survey.

View results

Monitor results in real-time via dashboard and download data in csv format.


Quality Survey,
Transparent Pricing

Create a survey without the hassle starting from IDR 50,000!

  • Create your own questionnaires or use our pre-built survey templates.
  • Monitor survey results in real-time on your dashboard.

Send It to Populix Respondents

Get accurate data from our qualified pool of respondents

> 200 Respondents IDR 375 each question each respondent
100-199 Respondents IDR 437.5 each question each respondent
< 100 Respondents IDR 500 each question each respondent

Send It to Your Own Respondents

Share the survey link to your own respondents.

Unlimited Respondent
Need More Information?
Frequently Asked Quesions
What is Poplite?
Poplite is a self-service survey service by Populix.
How can I create a survey on Poplite?
Tap the 'Try Poplite' icon at the upper right corner of your screen. If you have more complex and other study needs, you can contact our research team via email at support@populix.co or tap the 'Help' button at the top right corner of the screen.
What are the respondent criteria provided by Poplite?
Currently, Poplite supports the choice of criteria, including respondent's domicile, age, and gender.