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Poplite by Populix

AI-powered online survey platform that provides a broad distribution network as well as targeting at speed and affordable pricing to support business and academic research needs.

Main Feature

Why Choose Poplite?

Benefits you get from Poplite online survey.

High-Quality Respondents

Multi-layer verification system to ensure and maintain respondents’ quality.

Diverse Respondent Criteria

Access to 600,000+ basic & complex demographic information.


Utilize AI-Technology (NEW)

Create survey questionnaire supported by AI technology in less than 5 minutes.

Fast Results & Affordable

Collect up to 1000 respondent answers within 2-3 days, starting from 30,000 IDR.

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Use Cases

Fulfill Your Research Needs with Poplite

Whether academic, strategic, or research needs, Poplite offers quick validation.


Help your academic research with Poplite's surveys. Efficient data collection for valuable insights.


Empower strategy with Poplite's tailored surveys. Data-driven consulting made easy.


Simplify tasks with Poplite's surveys. Streamline operations for efficiency.

Research Partners

Are you part of a university or academic association? Join us and become one of our Research Partners!

How It Works

How Poplite Works?

With Poplite online survey, you can collect respondent's feedback fastly, seamlessly, and reliably

1 - Set Up
  • Choose respondents from Populix and define specific criteria and demographics
  • Alternatively, distribute the survey to your own list of respondents
2 - Create
  • Design your online survey questions with our Survey Editor
  • Implement survey logic if required
  • Create your questionnaire with AI within seconds
3 - Launch
  • Finalize payment to launch your online survey

Discover Poplite's Pricing

Explore the pricing options for Poplite and select the plan that best fits your requirements.

Start from

Minimum Required For Online Survey

Discover various benefits by utilizing the Populix online survey panel:

  • Our carefully selected respondents ensure reliable data quality
  • Access a diverse pool of Populix participants for comprehensive insights
  • Faster responses for quicker data collection
  • Access 400K+ Indonesian respondents effortlessly

Free Option Available:

Have your own respondent? Use Poplite's online survey tool FREE!

Poplite Price Calculator

Total Price*


  • *Total Price = Total Responses (Respondent × Question) × Price per Response
  • **Prices may vary for complex requirements

Success Story

Discover the experiences of our clients and how Poplite has helped them achieve their goals.

Winangsari Pradani

Ph.D Student - Universitas Indonesia

"Poplite has been helpful for my Ph.D. dissertation process at the University of Indonesia, as creating the survey is easy, and the results are quickly generated. Additionally, the variety of available questions makes it easier for me to create the content."

Sulaiman Hawibowo

Research Operations Specialist - Kuncie

"I am highly satisfied with using Poplite. Besides the excellent support provided by the Poplite team, the process is also very fast. Moreover, the pricing is very affordable. The available criteria are also very comprehensive."

Anita Juliana

SME Owner

"Poplite has been extremely helpful for validating new ideas. Besides the budget-friendly pricing for novice entrepreneurs like me, I was able to gather 100 respondents I needed in just 1 day. Moreover, the presented data is also very clear and informative."

Troy Iversen

University Student - Universitas Kristen Petra

"I got to know about Poplite through a recommendation from one of my friends. When I tried it, I can confidently say that Poplite is excellent and reliable. I received all 200 respondents I needed within just one day, the survey questions were comprehensive, and the support from the Poplite team was also very fast!"

AI-Powered Online Survey Platform

Simplify data collection while enjoying cost-effective pricing plans tailored to your needs.


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