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Versatile Research Methodologies

We support diverse data collection approaches, including quantitative and qualitative analysis. Populix is committed to delivering comprehensive insights in our industry, consumer, and social sentiment reports.

Diverse Perspectives in Reports

Our expertise spans various report types: Industry Reports delve into market trends, Consumer Reports offer valuable insights into preferences and behaviors, while Social Sentiment Reports provide real-time sentiment analysis for informed decision-making.

Extensive Coverage

Through strategic partnerships, we expand data collection across Indonesia and Asia. We offer in-depth industry trend, consumer behavior, and social sentiment reports, with actionable insights for your business.


Our Team Capabilities

With years of experience in the market research industry, your research needs are in the right hands

Expert Team

Our research team comprises trained, experienced individuals with extensive knowledge of the industry landscape, delivering quality research outcomes and satisfying customer service.

Cutting-Edge Study Design

Employing a structured approach based on leading industry frameworks, we continually unearth crucial insights and identify hidden opportunities, supporting strategic decision-making and driving business growth.

Advanced Data Analysis

By leveraging advanced technology for data analysis, including specialized software like MAXQDA for qualitative data, we've also developed our platform, Poplite, to enhance our data analysis capabilities.

Engaging, Understandable Reports

Presenting qualitative findings in visually compelling formats, we use data visualization and storytelling techniques to make our clients' understanding of results easier and communication more effective.

Practical Recommendations

Beyond insights, we provide tailored, data-driven recommendations to help clients address their challenges and make informed decisions.

Comprehensive Methodology

By seamlessly integrating conventional and digital qualitative research techniques, we uncover hidden consumer needs and motivations, providing comprehensive insights into their behavior.


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Unlock research solutions tailored to your needs, from market insights to social analysis.

Brand Health Tracking

Our Brand Health Tracking solutions enable you to keep a close eye on the health of your brand. We continually monitor and evaluate key brand metrics in order to deliver real-time insights. By monitoring brand health, you can quickly address issues, develop brand resiliency, and ensure your brand's continued strength and influence.

Value Proposition Study

Using a Value Proposition Study, uncover your products' or services' true potential. We delve deeply into what distinguishes your offerings from the competition, determine the unique value they bring to consumers, and assist you in crafting persuasive messaging that resonates with your target audience. This study ensures that your value proposition is perfectly aligned with your customers' requirements and desires, resulting in increased engagement and conversions.

Brand Positioning, Perception, and Image Study

This research concentrates on determining your brand's position in the market, how consumers perceive it, and the overall impression it conveys. By evaluating these factors, you can refine the positioning of your brand, make any necessary adjustments to consumer perceptions, and cultivate a powerful and positive brand image.

Usage & Attitude

The market position of your brand, how it is perceived, and the image it projects are crucial success factors. Our Brand Positioning, Perception, and Image Study evaluates these factors in order to assist you in refining your brand strategy, reshaping consumer perceptions, and cultivating a powerful and positive brand image.

Attitude & Acceptance Study

Our Attitude & Acceptance Study investigates consumer attitudes and their openness to new concepts, goods, or services. This research identifies the factors that influence acceptance and offers valuable insights for forming marketing and product development strategies.

Consumer Awareness

Ensure that your target audience is well-informed about your products and services by utilising our Consumer Awareness strategies. We execute campaigns and initiatives to increase potential consumers' awareness of your products or services, ensuring that your brand remains top-of-mind.

Consumer Perceptions

Utilising our Consumer Perceptions research, discover the perceptions and beliefs of your customers. This exhaustive analysis examines consumer attitudes, preferences, and the factors that influence their purchasing decisions. By gaining a comprehension of consumer perceptions, you can tailor your products, services, and messaging to effectively meet their needs.

Brand Awareness

Boost the visibility of your brand with our Brand Awareness strategies. We combine marketing and promotional strategies to increase brand recognition. By enhancing brand recognition, you can create a memorable impression in the minds of your target audience, thereby nurturing trust and brand loyalty.


Diverse Perspectives in Reports

We have the ability to analyze extensive and in-depth reports:

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Industry Reports

Industry reports are invaluable tools for businesses. They provide comprehensive insights into market trends, competition, and emerging opportunities. These reports empower clients to make strategic decisions based on accurate data, maintain a competitive edge, and tap into growth potential within their industry.

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Consumer Reports

Consumer reports offer vital insights for businesses, delivering in-depth information about consumer preferences, behaviors, and purchasing patterns. This data helps clients tailor products, services, and marketing strategies to meet customer needs, boost satisfaction, and drive business growth through customer-centric approaches.

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Social Sentiment Reports

Social sentiment reports hold immense value for businesses, government, agencies, and NGO. They offer insights into public opinions, attitudes, and perceptions. By analyzing public sentiment, we can gauge responses to policies, initiatives, or products, enabling informed decisions, communication strategies, and stronger relationships with target audience.

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We understand that in a competitive market, businesses must continually adapt with a more personalized approach to meet customer needs.

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Dedicated Research Team

Get to know our dedicated research team. They have diverse skills and experience to provide high-quality insights and solutions tailored to your needs.


Over 20 researchers specializing in quantitative analysis and data-driven insights.


Over 10 researchers specializing in qualitative analysis of human experiences and behaviors.

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