Second-Hand Clothing, A Trend That Has a Positive Effect
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Second-Hand Clothing, A Trend That Has a Positive Effect

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Thrifting or second-hand clothing is awesome nowadays. The term “thrift” comes from English, which means savings. This term can be used as another alternative for people who want to save money but still want to look stylish. Thrift items are used goods that are still suitable for use and are offered at a more affordable price. 

Modern society now does not only see thrifting from an economic perspective, but people are also starting to see it from an environmental angle. The textile and garment industry, especially fast fashion, has a negative impact on the environment. These impacts include water pollution, the use of chemicals that are harmful to humans and the environment, and the increasing amount of textile waste.

This is where the thrift shops come in as a solution for clothes shopping. In Indonesia, there are some popular channels like Thrift Shop, Vintage Shop, Garage sales, Second-hand Stuff Shops, Car Boot Sale, Charity Shop, Flea Market, etc.

But what exactly makes these purchases feel so good? Shopping is, in many ways, motivated by emotion. The psychology of thrifting says it’s about more than saving money. Some thrift enthusiasts not only spend their money wisely, but they also feel more sustainable, and enjoy the shopping experience. 

How is that possible? Lots of shirts or pants are sold in packages, priced at Rp100,000 for instance. You also can get branded jackets or sweaters from Uniqlo, Polo, Zara, Guess, and other branded items for Rp50,000-200,000 only. 

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From a journal by Robyn Hobbs ‘Understanding the Influencers of Second-Hand Apparel Shopping Behavior’, in particular, the influencers driving second-hand apparel shopper’s behavior appear to be predominantly led by economic and social factors, while concern about the environment is secondary.

Two key groups are categorized into ‘thrifty shoppers’ and ‘budget fashion-conscious shoppers’ “Social Valuers’ were found to shop in-store and online, and favor charity shops and chains with lower prices. These shoppers still consider social acceptance is important which challenges the literature that states secondhand shoppers mostly prioritize frugality and novelty. Those labeled as “Budget Fashion Conscious” are described as individuals with high standards who seek low prices, shop in boutiques, and are trendy and confident. The ‘Budget Fashion Conscious’ shoppers want to have fun with fashion in an ethical and affordable way.

The most well-known positive effect of buying second-hand items is that it’s a sustainable solution. To reduce fashion’s carbon footprint on the earth and as the first step to adopting a sustainable lifestyle, younger segments are going out of their way to upcycle and resell-buy their clothes. Emotionally, owning thrift clothing can give us a sense of fulfillment because we know they did something sustainable.

Affordability is also a big factor in shopping in thrift stores, the clothes are for a specific period and when the trend is out, people don’t like to wear them. A reason for this could be the lower prices of second-hand apparel as compared to fresh ones. Everything in life has good and bad, light and shade, or pros and cons. The negative part is the items are not extensively checked for safety and the stuff you find isn’t always in the best of shape. One more thing, in thrift shops there’s no warranty and no returns. 

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It turns out that rebranding second-hand clothes as ‘pre-loved’ or ‘thrifted’ has helped remove the negative stigma and make them more fashionable and desirable. A significant contributing factor to this second-hand shopping trend is the huge stream of social media promotion of the concept. In the last few years, many small thrift stores have mushroomed on Instagram and Tiktok.

Carry out the Zero Waste fashion theme also, interestingly, the live shopping/selling method through Tiktok Live or IG Live is becoming an adaptation of the current digital era, even more profitable than the marketplace by displaying the items on the offline store. 

As we know, fashion is driven by trends and seasons that constantly expose us to new styles. Each year, popular culture witnesses a revival of “throwback” fashion, popularizing denim inspired by the style of the 70s, 80, 90s, and even the 2000s. Thrift shopping is undoubtedly fun and trendy, can be a great way to live a sustainable lifestyle that strays from the environmental cost of fast fashion, can be used as another alternative for people who want to save money but still want to look stylish, and it also can increase positive attitudes towards second-hand fashion.

Are you interested to join the second-hand clothing or thrift shop business?

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