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What kind of services can I get from Populix?

We offer end-to-end research services, starting from compiling the questions, recruiting respondents according to the client’s research criteria and objectives, launching the research, analyzing data, to making conclusions and recommendations.

How long does it take respondents to complete a study?

The duration for completing a study depends on the difficulty level and the number of questions.

Usually, we will conduct a pilot study of N = 300 people with 10 questions; thus, the time required to complete the study is no longer than 15 minutes.

Our system is set up in such a way so that each respondent only gets one submission for each study. If the respondent takes a longer duration than the specified time limit, our system will automatically cancel the respondent’s response.

How do I pay respondents?

Prior to carrying out the study, we require a lump sum payment term. Clients can determine the amount of rewards they would like to give to each respondent, the respondent criteria, and the duration of a study or interview (qualitative).

After the respondent completes a study, our research team will validate the response, and we will add the rewards to their Populix account directly.

How will the study results be presented to me?

From Excel, PowerPoint, to data analysis, we will provide study results based on client’s needs and the chosen service packages.

How long will it take to conduct a survey on Populix?

Estimated time really depends on the scope of work and the study criteria.

How does Populix ensure the quality of each respondent?

We are committed to ensure that each respondent is a genuine person by verifying their ID Card on the registration process. We also have a set of parameters and conduct regular screenings through PopCheck, Daily Polls, and Popscore activities to learn about our respondents’ various criteria and interests. In addition, we design the questionnaire by combining trap questions to test the respondent’s concentration.

How can I ensure that the responses are genuine and not manipulated?

To ensure the quality of each study’s results, our research team will make a segmentation for each participating respondent. Each respondent has a unique ID and can only participate once for each study, so there will be no double-entry and criteria mismatch.