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Can I transfer my rewards on the Populix app to my PopCoins balance?

Currently, we don’t have the option to transfer rewards to PopCoins balances.

What is PopCoins?

PopCoins is a balance that can be used to create surveys on Poplite.

What are the advantages of using PopCoins?

Convenience of transactions when creating surveys. With PopCoins, you only need to top up your balance once, hence a more effortless and less complicated payment process.

Can I use PopCoins for other transactions?

PopCoins can only be used to make surveys on Poplite.

What is the difference between rewards and PopCoins?

PopCoins is a balance that can be used to create surveys on Poplite, while rewards are received after you complete a study. You can find PopCoins on the Poplite page, while rewards can be found in the Populix app.

How to top-up PopCoins?

– Visit the ‘My Transactions’ menu and select ‘Top Up’ or press the ‘+’ button next to the PopCoins display.
– Enter the nominal you want to top up in Rupiah.
– Select the payment method option in the payment gateway and complete the payment.
– PopCoins will be automatically filled when the payment is successful.

How much is PopCoins value in Rupiah?

1 PopCoins = IDR 1

I made a top-up, but the balance has not been credited to my PopCoins. What should I do?

Please wait no later than 1×24 working hours. However, if the balance is still not received for more than 1×24 working hours, you can contact us via email at or select the ‘Help’ button in the upper right corner of the screen.

How do I check my PopCoins balance?

PopCoins can be seen at Poplite Home, ‘My Transactions’ menu, or the ‘Checkout’ page when making a payment.

How to use PopCoins?

After completing the survey questionnaires and choosing your respondent’s criteria, you will be directed to the ‘Checkout’ page to complete the payment. Make sure the ‘Use PopCoins’ option is active, and your balance will be automatically deducted.

Can I partially use PopCoins and combine it with other payment methods?

The use of PopCoins cannot be combined with other payment methods.

Is there a limit to the PopCoins usage in transactions?

There is no limit to PopCoins usage.