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What is Poplite?

Poplite is an online survey platform from Populix.

Who can create studies and conduct research with Populix?

From individuals, MSME players, university students to academics, anyone can create a survey with Poplite. Poplite is designed to help anyone who wants to quickly, easily, and affordably do a study with simpler survey criteria.

How can I create a survey on Poplite?

Tap the ‘Try Poplite’ icon at the upper right corner of your screen. If you have more complex and other study needs, you can contact our research team via email at or tap the ‘Help’ button at the top right corner of the screen.

What are the respondent criteria provided by Poplite?

Currently, Poplite supports the choice of basic demography criteria, including respondent’s domicile, age, and gender, as well as several respondent’s behavior.

Besides that, you can also share the survey to your own respondent base for free. You can set it during survey development stage.

How much budget do I have to prepare if I want to create a survey on Poplite?

Creating surveys on Poplite is very affordable. You can run a survey with a budget starting from IDR 50,000 for 2 questions to 50 respondents.

Do I need to set up a separate budget for respondent rewards?

Respondent rewards have been calculated automatically in Poplite’s survey budget.

Is there a maximum limit to running multiple surveys at a time?

No, but you must complete payment for one study before starting the next one.

What kind of survey results will I get?

You will receive analysis results in the form of graphs and recommendations*, which can be monitored in real-time through the Poplite dashboard. The data can be downloaded in csv format.

*Analytical results with recommendations are only available for surveys using template questions

I have paid for the survey request, but the payment has not been verified by Poplite. What should I do?

Please wait no later than 1×24 working hours. However, if the payment has not been verified for more than 1×24 working hours, you can contact us via email at or tap the ‘Help’ button in the upper right corner of the screen.

When can I receive the survey results after making a payment?

Estimated time for conducting the survey is highly dependent on the criteria of the respondents you requested.